THE CHILDREN'S ATTIC - A Children's Consignment Shop
All articles must be in excellent condition – clean, pressed, in style and in season.  Dresses and navy blazers must be on hangers.   All shoes/cleats must have clean soles.  Clothing must not have an attic or basement scent. Clothes that are stained, ripped and/or have a “tired” appearance will not be accepted for consignment. Sports equipment, furniture, toys, books must also be clean and undamaged.  If, after accepting the article, it is found to be damaged or otherwise unacceptable, The Children’s Attic reserves the right to dispose of it accordingly. 
Consignment will be considered by appointment only.  Please do not walk in to consign without one.  We will accept 20 items between 10:30am and 3:00pm only on the day of your appointment.

For items that have been accepted and sold, the consignor will receive 40% of the selling price.
The selling price will be determined by The Children’s Attic.  This price will remain in effect for two months, after which it will be reduced at the discretion of The Children’s Attic.  The Children’s Attic reserves the right to place items on sale as deemed appropriate.
Any article unsold after three months and unclaimed by the consignor automatically becomes the property of The Children’s Attic and donated to the appropriate local charities.  If the consignor wishes to pick up unsold items, they must do so within one week of the end of their three months period.  Consignors are responsible for monitoring the three month period.
The Children’s Attic will take the best possible care of all articles consigned.  However, consignments are left at the consignor’s risk.  The Children’s Attic is not responsible for loss by theft, water, or damage to or loss of clothing.
An annual fee of $5.00 is charged to each consignor to help defray handling costs.  This will be deducted from the sale of items on their accounts.
The consignor is responsible for checking on the status of their accounts.  The posting to individual accounts will be done at the end of each month and will become available on the 15th of the following month.  If an account’s balance exceeds $50.00, a check will be made available to the consignor in store only.  Otherwise, the consignor may pick up cash at the store during normal operating hours.

See our Consignment Tips for additional information.

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