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1. All clothing must be freshly laundered and pressed - sizes 0-10 for girls and 0-20 for boys. No exceptions.

2. Kindly button those buttons! Snap those snaps! Zip those zippers!

3. Pet Hair? Cob webs? Mold or mildew? Pilling? Leave home, please.

4. Clean soles of shoes, please. Chunks of dirt do not sell well.

5. Please do not insist when we kindly decline your item. We know what sells best and have limited space.

6. Do not bring back last appointment's rejects.

7. Please bring your dresses and blazers on hangers always. We will return your hangers.

8. Wrinkled, stained, pilling, fading and/or has a mothball, basement/attic smell? Leave home.

9. When we have accepted your 25 items, please do not tell us you've left three Lilly's in the car.

10. Please bring items in shopping bags with handles. Garbage bags only wrinkle your items. We like to boast we are wrinkle-free.

11. Items must be less than three years old, in style and in season!

12. Please call first to schedule your appointment. We are a small store and can only accomodate so much. Kindly keep your scheduled appointment between 11:30am and 2:30pm ALWAYS.

13. We are currently accepting Fall Consignment. This includes rain gear/boots, long-sleeved shirts, tops, polos, light cardigans and sweaters, khakis, Fall jackets, dresses, skirts, great shoes, sneakers, ties, belts, athletic wear/ballet, classic/wooden toys, and children's hardcover books.

14. Please keep in mind that we do not accept baby gear/equipment, sports equipment or plastic toys. Gorgeous baby clothing? Yes! Classic wooden toys, books, table/chairs, kitchens, rockers, dollhouses? Yes!

15. Finally, please call us if you can not keep your appointment. We appreciate the courtesy. Thank you.